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Reed Pipe Tools and Roofing
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My sister and I did some probing earlier this week and it turns out that our selection for reed pipe tools is not going to be changing. There seems to be a shortage of selection around the local department stores around town, we've looked a few different places in person. Figured we might as well cut out the guess work and take care of things online.

I won't play it down any more than I ought to, there's a lot of work ahead. We're going to have our hands full in no time flat and I'm concerned we'll be able to come together in the right amount of time to meet some of the deadlines. It's easy to be negative in this situation, especially with an uncompleted inventory, but I know that it's something we should be ready for. Time to get to work!

Hoping I can get in touch with Mike later this week and get his input on finishing the roofing job on the house we were contracted for in early February. Hopefully our work out there comes to define us down there.


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